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Dearest my colleagues outside Japan,

Please do not directly follow briefs delivered from Japanese companies especially written by Japanese staffs.

As far as I experienced, they always are not expecting you to follow their own briefs. Many of the cases, they would like to have your proposals go beyond their original briefs.

I can easily imagine it would be thoroughly embarrassing and somehow frustrating situation because it's far different from western way of briefings.

But remember, we Japanese are living in extremely high-context society. In this high-context society, we are accustomed to read between the lines and perceive their hidden intensions and situations.

Moreover, for choosing agencies, they tend to act based not only on the proposal itself but on the deep understandings of their hidden intentions: strategies. I dare to say, they are examining your ability to go with them not as a creative or media vender but as the strategic partner.

Of course you have a right to say NO to this kind of way on briefings and proposals. But if you do so, you would never get any accounts from Japanese clients. In addition, you are loosing your chance to develop your competitiveness as the strategic partner agency.

Our business is changing. I believe our business in changing from merely a CR and media vender to strategic marketing solution provider. We have to revitalize ourselves as the strategic partner of our clients in the era of "big idea", "social media", "big data" and "engagement design".

I heartily looking forward to having a chance with you to develop our global competitiveness as the agency of the next generation.

Yours sincerely,

A colleague in Japan

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